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Pressure Seal Self-Mailer Equipment & Documents

Progressive Print Solutions provides the complete solution of Pressure Seal Self-Mailer Equipment and Documents!

With Pressure Seal, you can create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope.  In fact, by eliminating the printed envelope (and related folding, stuffing and sealing) from the process, pressure seal is a more cost-effective, green alternative for office mailings.

Pressure Seal Self-Mailers provide:

  • Reduce Mailing Costs for material, Labor and Postage
  • Reduced processing time
  • Increased productivity


Examples of Documents you can send using Pressure Seal:

  • Checks
  • Tax Forms 
  • Recall Notices
  • Transcripts
  • Statements
  • Utility Bills
  • PIN Information
  • Past Due Notices
  • Invoices
  • Report Cards
  • Test Results
  • Marketing Pieces

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